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Robin Ashby, Secretary

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Robin A shby is a lifelong Chester County native, growing up in Marshallton, PA, his family resided in and around Marshallton for generations and many still reside there. His passion for history and the need to contribute to the preservation of the historically significant places and structures led him to join the Board at Historic Sugartown, Willistown, PA (2018-2021) and the Downingtown Area Historical Society (2017-present). His background in technology and Business organization and compliance/audit provide a foundational skill set for helping organizations navigate the complexities of preservation endeavors. He is a published author (The Industrialist’s Brush) and regular contributor to local heritage publications and events. Although his Formal trading is in the finance and IT sectors, he also pursues a committed art practice as a trained bookbinder and nationally recognized Paper Marbling artist. He teaches these historically significant, and critically endangered, skills to promote connections to the past and engage communities in history and culture. He has two grown sons who live in Chester County. Robin joined the MCT Board in July 2022.

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