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Preserving a Village

The Marshallton Conservation Trust seeks to preserve the history, sense of place, and rural character of the Village of Marshallton to maintain a connection to the past for future generations.


The Year of Humphry Marshall

Honoring the legacy of Marshallton’s founding father


49th Marshalton

Pedal, paddle and pace through scenic and historic Chester County


More Than Just a Pretty View

Protecting the open
space of Marshallton
and its surrounding areas

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Preserving the past. Protecting the present. Planning for the future.

Anyone that has ever walked or driven through the Village of Marshallton will tell you that they felt as though they had stepped back in time. A “working man’s village,” Marshallton’s rich heritage, rural character, and bucolic charm seeps through every corner of this historic community. Its unique sense of place is embedded deep in the culture of its residents, who are as passionate as they are determined to protect this important connection to the past and honor the legacy of its founding father–the village namesake–Humphry Marshall. Protected by the open spaces that surround the village proper, the boundaries of Marshallton have been remarkably preserved through conservation efforts that help maintain this quaint village setting and safeguard its natural resources for future generations.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. ”

Albert Einstein

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Village News
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