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Conservation: Planning for the Future

The boundaries of Marshallton have been remarkably preserved through the years because of the open spaces that surround our village proper. But the beautiful rolling hills, horse and cattle farms, and pastoral landscapes provide more than just pretty views. This open space contributes to the local economy, increases our property values and helps us save on everything from health care to recreation. Our fields and forests help filter our water, clean our air, reduce flooding and slow stormwater during major weather events. Simply put, our open space is essential to our health, economy, our cultural identity and our future.


At the core of Marshallton Conservation Trust’s mission is the fervent belief that permanently protecting this open space is the most effective way to protect Marshallton’s quaint village setting and the historic integrity of the village itself. Step by step, MCT is helping to protect the entire corridor leading from the west end of Marshallton all the way to the west branch of the Brandywine. This extraordinary achievement is only possible through the continued support from the members of our community and meaningful collaborations with our partners in preservation.

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Clean Energy Initiative: Ready for 100

Reducing our carbon footprint is essential to help minimize the impact of climate change in our community. Your investment ensures that Marshallton Conservation Trust can support West Bradford Township’s Clean Energy Initiative through an environmental education program to help residents move parallel with the Township as it transitions to 100% clean, renewable energy in the future.

Conservation Updates
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Conservation Updates

Open space conservation has been and remains our highest single expenditure each year. Furthermore, it stands to note that Marshallton Conservation Trust has two members of its Board of Directors on the West Bradford Township’s Land Preservation and Sustainability Committee. This reflects the kind of commitment we have as an organization to support further open space efforts in and around Marshallton. 

Over the course of the last two years, we have taken the following actions relative to open space preservation:

  • Made a contribution for a new conservation easement along Northbrook Road. 

  • Paid for the full cost of an appraisal on an undeveloped piece of property in Marshallton.

  • Helped fund a land stewardship plan on the Stroud Preserve.

  • Submitted a detailed list of land use principles to be applied to the creation and development of the new Embreeville Park.

  • Actively participated in drafting a set of guidelines and principles for a new chapter in the forthcoming revision to the Comprehensive Plan that is meant to help preserve the village of Marshallton.

Clean Energy Initiative
Image by Benjamin Davies

Your Support Makes All the Difference

Open space conservation has been and remains our highest single expenditure each year. As new threats of development to nearby farms and landscapes arise, Marshallton Conservation Trust’s work to protect the open space and natural resources of our community is more important than ever.

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