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Harry Cann

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Harry’s great grandparents, Rev. William L. Cann and Anna Margaret Gallaher Cann, and their family of eight children came to Marshallton from Fremont, MD (near Nottingham, PA) in 1910, when he became minister at MMUC. His grandfather, Harry, and his younger brother, Merrill, both lived in Marshallton and founded Eastern Sales Co. in 1927, which later became ESCO Cabinet Co., a dairy equipment and refrigerated products manufacturer. Over the years, the brothers acquired farms south of Marshallton totaling approximately 550 acres, known as ESCO Farms. Harry grew up in Marshallton with his parents, Harry and Dorothy Cann, and his brother Ted. They lived at 600 Lucky Hill Rd. As an adult, he lived in three different residences in Marshallton. He attended two grade schools in West Chester and attended junior and senior high school at Westtown Friends School. He graduated from Penn State in 1962 with a BS degree in agricultural engineering. Harry worked in the family business, ESCO Manufacturing until 1972. Since 1972 he has been self-employed and involved in manufacturing at the Atlantic Gasket Company in Philadelphia.

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