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All You Need Is Love

There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be, it's easy...

Or so the story goes. Well, it most certainly seems that our annual Valentine's Day Food Drive is precisely where our community was meant to be earlier this month, as evident by the outpouring of support to help our Chester County neighbors facing food insecurity. Over two days and through a special partnership with The Goddard School of Marshallton, we collected 810 pounds of food and staples plus close to $3,000 in cash for the West Chester Food Cupboard. This brings our grand total to 2,337 pounds of food and staples and almost $6,000 in cash and gift cards collected over the past four years. That's a whole lot of community love.


We do not take how special our Marshallton community is for granted and are grateful for the deeply rooted sense of place that can only be found in a village like ours. As we usher in the warmer months of Spring, we look forward to more opportunities to bring the community together through events such as the Souper Supper in April and Marshallton Memorial Day Parade in May. Once again, thank you for making Marshallton an extraordinary place to live.

A Warm Welcome

The Marshallton Conservation Trust would like to extend a warm welcome to our new Board Members, Yvonne McFadden and Linda Thomas. Yvonne McFadden has lived in or near Marshallton for over 40 years, during which she has cultivated a deep connection with our beautiful historic village. Linda Thomas is a West Chester native on a mission to ensure that future generations—including her three granddaughters who reside in West Bradford Township—have the same opportunity to experience the history and open space of the Marshallton area that is near and dear to her heart. Learn more about Yvonne, Linda, and our entire Board of Directors by clicking on the button below.

Save the Date:

Marshallton Souper Supper

& Spring Meeting

Please mark your calendars for the 2024 Souper Supper and Spring Meeting. Join your friends and neighbors for a bowl of delicious soup and hearty conversation during this informative evening led by a panel of community representatives to discuss important topics of shared interest for the Village of Marshallton. Please visit our website to RSVP and for up-to-date information.

History of the

Marshallton Memorial Day Parade

A drive down Strasburg Road in Marshallton reminds us that history is all around us. While some of this history has been documented and commemorated through historical markers and local historical organizations, we were surprised to discover that no such historical archive exists for the Marshallton Memorial Day Parade. Thus, Marshallton Conservation Trust Board Member Bob Portnoy is spearheading a project to collect information about the history of the much-beloved Marshallton Memorial Day Parade & Ceremonies. Based on his initial research, Bob has determined that the Parade dates back to at least the year 1881, when Memorial Day was known as Decoration Day. As he continues his historical journey, we invite our community members to share any documentation they may have in the form of photos, letters, or stories from their family records to add to this project by contacting Bob Portnoy at <>.


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