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MCT Supports West Bradford’s Clean Energy Initiative

West Bradford Township has adopted a resolution known as “Ready for 100” which sets out a series of timeframes for the Township to eliminate its use of fossil fuels (e.g., oil, gas, coal) in the performance of all its activities. It sets a goal of transitioning to 100% clean, renewable (e.g., solar and wind) electricity by 2035, to become carbon neutral by 2040, and to transition to 100% renewable energy for heat and transportation by 2050.

Marshallton Conservation Trust’s mission is to protect and improve the quality of life, safety, health, and environment of the Marshallton community. We believe that support for “Ready for 100” is of great importance and consistent with this goal.

We hope that when local government holds itself to the timeframes described above, that residents (while not mandated to do so) will move in parallel with the Township. The way this is expected to happen is through the creation of incentives that encourage residents to reduce their use of fossil fuels and by educating residents on the need to take similar steps to decarbonize.

A very large part of the public education effort is being undertaken by WBT’s Land Preservation and Sustainability Committee, which is creating an energy transition plan, including a wide-ranging and multi-faceted information program.

Marshallton Conservation Trust is pleased to announce its commitment to this effort and we look forward to continuing to serve the residents of the Marshallton area as a source of information on the “Ready for 100” initiative as well as other issues affecting our community.

For more information about the “Ready for 100” resolution, please click the button below.

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