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Update on Hoglen

March 2022

In the previous year, West Bradford Township acquired 108 acres of land located on Groundhog College Road off Route 162 from HogLen LLC to secure its preservation. The Township subsequently placed this land under conservation easement with the Brandywine Conservancy. MCT would like to thank West Bradford and applaud these actions. We have pledged a modest financial contribution to assist in the funding of the endowment created to maintain this easement.

More recently, the Township divided the property into 2 parcels, one of approximately 35 acres and the other about 75 acres, and put them up for sale. Neither of these parcels can be subdivided and would be purchased subject to the easements. Both parcels have been successfully sold by the Township, at prices which dramatically reduce the overall cost of placing them under conservation easement. This is wonderful news as it provides proceeds that can be recirculated and used for other preservation transactions in the future.

Thank you, West Bradford Township, for your dedication to preserving open space in our community!

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