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Update on Embreeville

May 2021

West Bradford Township plans to acquire the land that was formerly the site of the Embreeville State Hospital. The Township proposes to re-develop approximately 185 acres as a public park, including both recreational areas and natural lands for public use.

All eleven buildings at the site have been demolished. Closing is expected in the fourth quarter of 2022 or first quarter of 2023. An Embreeville Land-Use Steering Committee has been formed and MCT has been asked and agreed to participate. We have also submitted a detailed statement of land use principles that we think important to be used as guidance in formulating this plan.

This represents a unique opportunity for the Township to provide its citizens with a substantial area of open space featuring significant natural and cultural resources.

October 2019

After many years of litigation and public concern about what the owner of the Embreeville property would be able to build, on October 22, 2019 West Bradford Township and Embreeville Redevelopment LP reached a settlement agreement that was approved at a public meeting. West Bradford Township will purchase the property for $22.5 million. The funds for the purchase will be sourced from a combination of a township ½ mil tax on $100,000 of property assessment equal to $50/year, funds contributed from the West Bradford Township Land Preservation Fund, and a substantial contribution from the Chester County Open Space Fund.

Here are the main elements in the Settlement Agreement:

  • The requested development of over 200 acres of approximately 1100 multi-family high density units and single-family homes will not occur.

  • The Developer is required to remediate the existing buildings and remove them in compliance with the PA State Environmental Protection Department Act 2 environmental standards.

  • The land is restricted to open space and passive uses.

  • The Developer will be allowed to build up to 33 units on the “SPCA Parcel” that is along Strasburg Road.

The Settlement Agreement brings a huge sense of relief to the community. We will be preserving a huge open space parcel near the Village of Marshallton thereby helping to maintain our quality of life by avoiding the significant traffic volume this development would have caused, not to mention our infrastructure and schools being stretched to capacity by the development impact.

The Marshallton Conservation Trust worked for over five years with the significant stakeholders and other organizations to promote communication among the parties to achieve a balanced and appropriate solution for this property. We believe we played a significant role in ensuring the outcomes were in the best interests of Marshallton and the surrounding communities.

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