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Preserving the Legacy of Humphry Marshall

Portrait of Humphry Marshall | Oil on Canvas | Adrian Martinez

Last year, Marshallton Conservation Trust announced its plans for a feasibility study to explore the creation of a Memorial Garden in honor of Humphry Marshall, the namesake of our village, that would be located on the grounds of the Bradford Friends Meeting. Then, in early December, we received a letter in which the Township expressed its intention to work with us to locate the Memorial Garden at a site within the new Embreeville Park. This offer calls for the Memorial Garden to continue to be a project sponsored by MCT that will serve as a tribute and living example of the historically significant botanical work done by Humphry Marshall, with the Township working in a supporting role.Decisions surrounding the details associated with this project–such as its precise location within Embreeville Park, its size, and design–will be included in the discussions and related recommendations being developed by the Embreeville Land Use Steering Committee. MCT and the Township will be working collaboratively through this planning process and intend to deliver a final product of which all residents can be proud. Our hope is that the first elements of this project will be in evidence in time to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the birth of Humphry Marshall later this year. Thank you to West Bradford Township for helping MCT put the new Humphry Marshall Memorial Garden on a path to bloom in Embreeville Park!


Your support makes a difference.

As we embark on a new year with hope and renewed resolve to face the increased challenges to our community–the effect of an increasing number of weather events on our local roads and bridges as well as the threat of development to iconic farms like Tarad Hill–we are grateful for your continued support. We have a very special community and together we will continue to work toward enhancing the quality of life of our village and beyond for generations to come. Together we can preserve the past, protect the present, and plan for the future.


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