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Edwin “Ed” Hill

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

In the late 1920s, Ed’s father was the farmer on the Baldwin Farm south of Marshallton. First, they lived in the farm’s main house and then lived in the tenant's house which is now Jack Hines' home. His dad then moved the family to the Grange Farm in Sconneltown where in1934 Ed was born. 6 weeks later his dad was killed in a farm accident. His mother then rented half of a double house two doors east of the Blacksmith Shop for her and the six children. The family lived there until 1947 when they bought the red brick house in "Dogtown" at the intersection of Northbrook and Wawaset Rd. This house is still owned by a family member. Ed attended Marshallton School for 1st grade and half of second before transferring to the Milton Hershey School in 1941, returning to Dogtown in 1951. After marrying his wife Jane in 1964 he purchased the house on Manorwood Drive where he still lives. Therefore, Marshallton/West Bradford has been Ed’s official residence for 86 years.

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