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Jack Hines

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Jack was born at the end of the war while his father was in the Pacific with the 1st Calvary Division. During this time, along with his mother, and sister, he resided in an apartment in West Chester. The family moved from the apartment to Marshallton in 1950. They moved to what is now 1422 West Strasburg Road. Their telephone was a party line, and the number was 435R4. Jack went to the Marshallton Elementary school for grades 1 through 6. Grade 7 through 12 was in the original junior/senior high school which is now part of the building in Downingtown that is the STEM Academy. When first married, Jack moved into West Chester for 3 years and then returned to Marshallton at 1416 West Strasburg and lived there until moving to Wawaset Road. He joined the West Bradford Fire Company in 1960 and rose to the rank of Fire Chief and served in that capacity for several years. Jack also served as West Bradford Town Manager for 36 years and has served on the Township‘s Board of Supervisors for many more.

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